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Other Fox Red Labradors

Helm's Point Doctor Red LabradorHelm's Point Doctor PT

If it’s a versatile pup you covet this spring, how about one that’s superior at doing what hunters need most and do poorest for themselves? Face it: We can stumble onto game occasionally, but our eyes are such terrible substitutes for decent noses that we’re lucky to find downed birds on bare bean fields. The very best versatile dog needs to be a retriever first and foremost. Add pointing instincts to that retriever and you have a real workhorse—the pointing Lab.

“Adding pointing instincts” usually suggests outcrosses, but that was not necessary or sensible in developing pointing Labs. It’s been about 150 years since the St. John’s water dogs were exported to England, where some gamekeepers crossed them onto pointers and setters to improve grace and movement while hunting and retrieving on land.  --Learn More

Sauk River's Featherstorm "Jake" labradorSauk River's Featherstorm "Jake"

Jake has shown us what a great lab is. He has an intense desire to hunt and retrieve,and a very strong desire to please. He is robust and intense yet easy for my children to handle. He is not a barker, holds himself with that regal air and does his work with style. His puppies are fast-learning, good looking dogs who are successful hunters, obedience dogs,family companions and even therapy dogs. --Learn More

Snake River Eagle Talon labrador

GMPR Snake River Eagle Talon SH

Talon GMPR, SH, owned by Brad Donald of HIghpoint Labradors in South Dakota is a fox red color with a great temperament and a lot of drive.   Talon is an extremely athletic, ripped,  bird finding, pointing machine! 


--Learn More



fox red pointing lab maleHRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK MH

Rooster is one of the more accomplished hunt test dogs in the country, doing things few other dogs have done while rarely failing a test. He is a deceiving animal, exceptionally mild mannered in the house and when in the field 100%. Easily the best off switch we have seen to date, with exceptional line manners and steadiness. He will be a great match for bitches who may be lacking in manners in the kennel, at the line or in the house. His top notch marking skills and trainability are other serious areas he could improve along with exceptional memory.  --Learn More

Male Red Fox Point Lab

4XGMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH

 Kenai was whelped 12/20/2007 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He had energy, drive, and smarts that I thought set him a little bit apart from the other pups in a really good litter. Kenai was sent to Dale Swiderski at Hunter's Rose Kennels for some basic training and the rest is history. Kenai advanced so quickly that I kept sending him back to training just to see how far he could go.  He was a CPR at 9 months, an APR the next spring, and got his GMPR the following fall at less than two years old.  --Learn More

Male Red Fox Point LabGMPR Sauk River's Weekend Warrior

GMPR Sauk River's Weekend Warrior "Gunner" is the son of Sauk River's Featherstorm "Jake", and the great grandson of my very first fox red pointing lab Stosh's Red Shinning Star.

Gunner is 70lbs Dark Red and has a great point. He is a pleasure to hunt with as well as living with in the house.  --Learn More


GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak

GMPR MPR CP Iowa Pointing Labs Kodiak is a phenomenal pointing Labrador. He has pointed since 7 weeks of age and made it to GMPR at the age of 24 months! Kodiak is unique and to our knowledge the only GMPR having a very dark fox red coat.

--Learn More






GMPR, SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH

Multiple placements in All Age Open and Amateur Field Trials and just 5 points away from his CFC & CAFC titles.
Sire: GMPR Calumet’s Wild Card MH, QAA “Deuce”
Dam: HRCH 3xGMPR 2xNC Reno’s Black Ice MH

  • Scooter WON his first OPEN Field Trial
  • Scooter now has both of his 1st Place WIN requirements Towards his CFC & CAFC titles!
  • Scooter went to 5 final series in All Age stakes in 6 consecutive weekends at age 4 & continues his success in 2014 with 3 placements in the USA in just 5 trials.
  • Now with multiple "OPEN" placements & WINS in Canada & USA
  • 9 Hunt Test Titles in Record time
  • Youngest Dog on record by 12 months to earn his QAA, GMPR & MH titles
  • Perfect Health Clearances / Proven stud
  • Known to throw natural pointing Fox Reds pups with great marking & blind running skills
  • 67 lbs / Great on/off switch / very laid back personality

--Learn More

stud red labrador4X GMPR Pasman's Ace In The Hole

Click to view "Ace's" sire:  GMPR, SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH

Click to view:  "Ace's" Pedigree

4X GMPR "Ace" is a phenomenal pointing Labrador. Ace is the son of GMPR, SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic Scooter MH

--Learn More

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